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Hi, I'm Ugne. I always loved home aesthetics, but the path to ceramics and interior design was not straight, however - quite fun. I have lived in New York, Barcelona, and different Swiss cities and worked in the hotel industry for many years. Living in multicultural cities and megacities, I was inspired by design and culture and fell in love with art. After returning to Lithuania, I founded the ceramic studio Clay Play in 2006 and since then I have been creating dishes for home interiors. Creating home decor naturally sparked my love for interior design, so I completed Interior Design studies and graduated from IDBS (Interior Design Business School). I love applying my knowledge and skills by helping others to create unique and harmonious homes.

I specialize in the interior design of healing homes because I believe that the home is a mirror of our soul and at the same time a safe shelter in which we recharge and balance both inside and out.

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Symbolism and rituals play an important part in my life, so it is reflected in my work. When creating a house, I pay extra attention to the spaces where family rituals are born. And my ceramic lines are characterized by magical symbols and positive intentions.

Find out more on Instagram @Ugne_House.Vibes.Designs

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