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Handmade and unique Clay Play Ceramics would become a beautiful feature in your interiors. Dishware is made from natural material using nontoxic glazes. You will instantly fell in love with these pieces as the shapes are organic while the colors are natural and wonderful tones. 

The new limited-edition line of Clay Play has just come up featuring ancient sacred symbols of each of the pieces. Carl Jung called those symbols universal thought-forms that influence the feelings and actions of an individual. So each piece of Clay Play ancient sacret symbol line is encrypted with a different ancient symbol that has a meaning of positive transformation and carries a powerful energetic field.

Choose the piece with the symbol that you need the most for your inner transformation. They are sold in sets for 2, 4, and 6 people. Each set includes 1 bowl, small and main plates, cups for espresso and coffee/tea.




Get in touch at Instagram @Ugne_House.Vibes.Designs for more details 

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