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House Vibes Designs

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“I always like to think of your home as an evocation of your heart and soul,

How would your home be different...


How would your life be different..."

Interior Design

The synergy of Interior Design
hand-made "Clay Play" ceramics.

Looking for help to transform your home?

House Vibes Designs will help to shift the energy of your space by introducing the concepts of intentional design that inspires the senses and encourage mindful living. 

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Stage and Leaves

Home-made "Clay Play" ceramics for your interior.

Portrait with Olive Branch
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"What story does your home whisper about you? How can you transform your space into something sacred, a safe haven to rejuvenate and support who you are and who you are becoming?"

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Hi, I'm Ugne. I always loved home aesthetics, but the path to ceramics and interior design was not straight, however - quite fun. I have lived in New York, Barcelona, and different Swiss cities and worked in the hotel industry for many years. Living in multicultural cities and megacities, I was inspired by design and culture and fell in love with art. After returning to Lithuania, I founded the ceramic studio Clay Play in 2006 and since then I have been creating dishes for home interiors. Creating home decor naturally sparked my love for interior design, so I started studying it and helping others to create unique and harmonious homes.

Everyone has a story. 
We just need to shine a light on it.

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Handmade and unique Clay Play Ceramics would become a beautiful feature in your interiors. Dishware is made from natural material using nontoxic glazes. You will instantly fell in love with these pieces as the shapes are organic while the colors are natural and wonderful tones. 

The new limited-edition line of Clay Play has just come up featuring ancient sacred symbols of each of the pieces. Carl Jung called those symbols universal thought-forms that influence the feelings and actions of an individual. So each piece of Clay Play ancient sacret symbol line is encrypted with a different ancient symbol that has a meaning of positive transformation and carries a powerful energetic field.

Choose the piece with the symbol that you need the most for your inner transformation. They are sold in sets for 2, 4, and 6 people. Each set includes 1 bowl, small and main plates, cups for espresso and coffee/tea.




Get in touch at Instagram @Ugne_House.Vibes.Designs for more details 

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House Vibes Designs creates healing homes based on my 8 signature interior elements. copy 6.jpg
8 signature elements of Healing home
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Original Speaker



Branch in a Glass Jar
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Image by Lauren Mancke


Close Up of Leaf


Minerals and Stones


Sphere on Podium


Two packages to choose from for your home designs
Image by Gian Cescon
Image by Fuu J


A lookbook of analysis and a recommendations for your space 

For Positive Transformations  

A lookbook of analysis and detail transformation for a specific one Room


Interior Designer

I also offer the following services 

extra charge for 40 eur/hour:

  • Provide 3D models to help you see the true vision of your new space

  • Extra layout options

  • Provide Electrical & Lighting plan to support all those important initial decisions

  • My signature healthy home analysis in more details

  • In-home consultation

  • Sourcing/furniture purchasing 

  • Styling service (in-house or e-service)


Interested in working with House Vibes Interior Designs? Get in touch today to book an initial meeting.

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Interior Designer in Vilnius serving Vilnius, Klaipeda and Kaunus as well as providing E-Design services world-wide.

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